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Renee Gibbons, President of R.G. Fitness and Wellness Solutions​​​
My Story

 Renee joined the military at 17 years of age after graduating a year early from high school. Physical Training or “PT” was her favorite activity throughout her entire tenure in U.S. Army. She especially enjoyed leading PT sessions and learned quickly how a leader’s enthusiasm and motivation could impact the enthusiasm and motivation of the entire group.

Renee constantly sought knowledge on how to prepare healthy meals for her family and on how to engage the entire family in physical fitness activities. Her children fondly referred to her healthy eating strategies for the family as “depriving” them from food and drinks that other children could have. For example, Kool-Aid or anything that was not 100% fruit juice was strictly banned from the house and even today, her adult children jokingly say that they were not allowed to drink “Kool-Aid” as children. By the way, she takes great pride in being remembered that way by her children.

During her professional tenure with AARP, Renee developed a national fitness and wellness benefits program for AARP’s 39 million members. This program enabled members to find and utilize fitness and wellness services and resources geared for older adults throughout the U.S. She was awarded the AARP Social Impact Award for successfully developing and launching this national program.

As a Girl Scout leader, Corporate and Community Relations Specialist, Health Educator, President of Toastmasters, AARP Chapter, and Adjunct Professor, Renee has developed and delivered more than 1,000 speeches, workshops, seminars and training sessions on a variety of topics. She has an uncanny ability to inspire and motivate individuals to action through her words.

At the age of 50, Renee decided to become certified to deliver hands-on personal training and group fitness programs with the goal of making physical movement fun. Today, even at 50+ years of age, she delivers a multitude of group fitness and small group programs such as walking/running programs, cardio-kickboxing, bootcamp, tabata, circuit training, Silver Sneakers®, core conditioning, strength training and more. She delivers these programs in her home studio, at fitness facilities, at employer worksites, outside, and anywhere she is needed or requested.

Renee also serves as a volunteer speaker for both the American Heart Association and American Diabetes Association to help spread the message of living a healthier and active lifestyle.

Renee possesses a Master of Science in Health Promotion Management from Marymount, University in Arlington, VA, is a certified Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor through the American Council on Exercise, and has received extensive training in the areas of fitness and nutrition, older adult programming, diabetes prevention and management, and chronic disease prevention.

What Sets Us Apart?
Hands-on education and experience delivering fitness and wellness education and programs
 Willing to work with every budget to inspire and motivate individuals to take action towards better health

Provides simple, mobile fitness solutions for adults, older adults and kids.

Small group training and fitness programs are customized and geared to all ages and fitness levels

Our Mission

R.G. Fitness and Wellness Solutions’ mission is to EMPOWER and INSPIRE individuals to take PERSONAL ACTION toward better health.

Our Vision

R.G. Fitness and Wellness Solutions is a small business with a big vision—Change Minds, Change Hearts to Seek Better Health.

Our Values

​​- We strive to empower individuals with plain language and simple fitness and wellness education and solutions that can easily be incorporated into busy lifestyles.

 - We customize our fitness and wellness services to meet the needs of the individuals and clients we serve.

- We keep abreast of the latest fitness programs and deliver them in a fun and engaging style for all fitness levels.

- We recognize the difficulty in making health and lifestyle changes which is why we use a coaching approach to helping individuals make healthy and active lifestyle changes.

-We do not believe in communicating gimmicky solutions but only communicate sound and proven fitness and wellness solutions.​

 - We operate with the utmost integrity, dependability and respect of all individuals.  

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"Health gives us the fortitude to live with purpose."

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